Color Palettes Creator



ArtyClick "Color Palettes Creator"


The feature "Color Palettes Creator" is a useful tool that helps you create beautiful and consistent color schemes for your design projects. You can input any color and the feature will generate a set of colors that complement and contrast with it, creating a harmonious and balanced palette. You can choose from different types of color input:

  • Color from a color picker

  • Hex color code (e.g. "#FF0000")

  • Color names as defined in the ArtyClick Dictionary

Generating Color Palettes

The color palette generation process occurs upon the selection of a color using the color picker or by typing the color HEX code and clicking the button .

To generate new palettes for the same selected color, click the "Generate" button.

Generated Color Palettes

Color palettes are generated at random amongst the following types:

  • Warm / Summer: These are colors that evoke a sense of warmth, energy, and brightness, such as red, orange, yellow, and pink. They are often associated with summer seasons and tropical climates, and are used to represent care, happiness, enthusiasm, and joy.

  • Cool / Winter: These are colors that evoke a sense of coolness, calmness, and elegance, such as blue, purple, green, and gray. They are often associated with winter seasons and cold climates, and are often used in the context of trust, knowledge, and seriousness.

  • Green / Spring: These are colors that evoke a sense of freshness, growth, and nature, such as green, lime, olive, and mint. They are often associated with spring seasons and natural environments, and are linked to health, harmony, and peace.

  • Nude / Pastel: These are colors that evoke a sense of softness, delicacy, and subtlety, such as beige, peach, lavender, and cream. They are often associated with pastel tones and neutral shades, and are used in the context of calmness, peace, and neutrality.

  • Monochromatic / Analogous: These are colors that have the same hue or are adjacent on the color wheel, such as red, crimson, maroon, and burgundy. They create a harmonious and consistent look with minimal contrast.

One of the important aspects of color design is the contrast ratio, which measures how well the colors in a palette can be distinguished from each other. The contrast ratio between the lightest and the darkest colors in the generated palettes is generally AAA.