Shades of Aqua Color

Shades of Aqua Color

Neon Blue


Bright Light Blue

Greenish Cyan

ArtyClick Cyan

Blue Zircon

Caribbean Green

Aqua Green


Bright Aqua

ArtyClick Turquoise

Bright Cyan

Greeny Blue

Macaw Blue Green

Aqua Blue

Bright Turquoise

Bright Teal

Bright Sea Green

Mountain Meadow

Green Blue

Greenish Teal

Medium Turquoise

Aqua Marine

Greenish Turquoise

Bluish Green

Light Sea Green

Dark Seafoam

Dark Mint Green

Dark Turquoise

Blue Diamond

Eastern Blue

Persian Green

Jungle Green




Shamrock Green


Green Haze


Green Teal


Shades of Dark Aqua Color

Teal Green

Surfie Green

Greenish Blue

Teal Blue

Blue Chill


Green Pea


Pine Green

Elf Green


Dark Cyan

Dark Blue Green

Blue Stone

Dark Aqua

Tropical Rain Forest


Deep Sea

Aqua Deep

Dark Teal


Dark Green Blue

Dark Aquamarine

Deep Aqua


Rich Black


Deep Sea Green

Dartmouth Green

Dark Spring Green

Bottle Green

Phthalo Green

Sherwood Green

Sherpa Blue

Deep Teal


Shades of Pastel Aqua Color

Pale Cyan

Eggshell Blue

Light Slate


Clear Day

Twilight Blue

Pale Turquoise

Light Cyan

Oyster Bay


Frosted Mint

Very Light Blue

Electric Blue

Light Aqua

Duck Egg Blue

Light Sky Blue

Off Green

Aqua Spring

Light Turquoise

Pale Blue Lily

Mint Tulip


Aqua Squeeze

Aero Blue

Water Leaf


Jagged Ice

Tron Blue

Pale Sky Blue

White Ice


Blizzard Blue

Light Greenish Blue

Robin Egg Blue


Light Aquamarine

Morning Glory

Light Teal

Powder Blue

Blue Lagoon

Magic Mint

Ice Cold

Shades of Dark Pastel Aqua Color

Northern Lights Blue

Medium Aquamarine

Tiffany Blue

Turquoise Blue

Aqua Island

Pale Robin Egg Blue

Gulf Stream

Shadow Green

Seafoam Blue


Aquamarine Blue

Jet Stream

Dusty Teal

Fountain Blue

Half Baked


Pearl Aqua

Jungle Mist

Faded Jade

Sea Turtle Green

Silver Tree

Blue Hosta

Pale Teal

Vista Blue




Greyish Teal

Summer Green

Cyan Opaque

Gable Green


Mineral Green

Beetle Green

Grey Teal


Aqua Color: Origin, Meaning, Application and Shades

History of Aqua Color

Aqua is a vibrant color that combines blue and green, creating a hue that resembles clear ocean waters. The name aqua comes from the Latin word for water, and it is often used interchangeably with cyan. Aqua has a hex code of #00FFFF, which means it has equal amounts of blue and green light, and no red light. Aqua is one of the three secondary colors of the RGB color model, used on computer and television displays.

Aqua does not have a long history as a distinct color name, and it is more related to the evolution of blue over time. The color blue was first produced by the Ancient Egyptians, who used natural sources to create blue pigments. Blue continued to develop from natural to synthetic varieties, and then to digital expressions. The term aqua was introduced in 1987 as an alternative name for cyan in the set of standard colors for web design and computer graphics. Over time Aqua became one of the 16 basic colors supported by most web browsers.

Meaning of Aqua Color

Aqua is a color that evokes a sense of freshness, vitality, and tranquility. It is associated with water, nature, and life. Aqua can also represent cleanliness, purity, and health. Aqua is often used in contexts related to environmental issues, such as conservation, sustainability, and ecology.

Aqua can also have some negative connotations, such as coldness, detachment, and aloofness. Aqua can sometimes appear too bright or artificial, especially when used in excess or in combination with other neon colors.

Applications of Aqua Color

Aqua is a versatile color that can be used in various fields and purposes. Some examples are:

  • Design: Aqua is a popular choice for web design, graphic design, and interior design. It can create a modern, sleek, and elegant look, or a playful, fun, and energetic vibe. Aqua can also be used to create contrast or harmony with other colors.

  • Fashion: Aqua is a trendy color that can be worn in different seasons and occasions. It can be paired with neutrals, such as white, gray, or black, to create a sophisticated outfit, or with bright colors, such as pink, yellow, or orange, to create a cheerful ensemble. Aqua can also be used as an accent color for accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, or bags.

  • Marketing: Aqua is an effective color for marketing and branding, as it can attract attention and convey a positive message. Aqua can be used to promote products or services related to water, nature, health, beauty, or technology. Aqua can also be used to appeal to a young, hip, and creative audience.

  • Art: Aqua is a color that can inspire creativity and expression. It can be used to create abstract or realistic paintings, drawings, sculptures, or photographs that capture the beauty and diversity of water and nature. Aqua can also be used to create mood or atmosphere in art works.

Aqua Color in Combination with other Colors

Aqua is a color that can work well with many other colors. Some of the best color combinations for aqua are:

  • Pastel pink: This combination creates a soft and romantic look that is perfect for weddings, baby showers, or Valentine's Day.

  • Gray: This combination creates a balanced and elegant look that is suitable for professional or formal settings.

  • White: This combination creates a crisp and clean look that is ideal for minimalist or modern styles.

  • Gold: This combination creates a luxurious and glamorous look that is great for special occasions or festive events.

  • Navy: This combination creates a classic and sophisticated look that is timeless and versatile.

  • Shades of Aqua Color

    There are many shades of Aqua that can suit different purposes and preferences. Here are some examples of Aqua color shades and their names:

    • Celeste: a light blue color that derives its name from the Latin word for "sky". Celeste symbolizes calmness, clarity, purity, and spirituality. It is often associated with heavenly realms, angels, and dreams. Celeste can also represent freshness, innocence, and peace.

    • Mint: a light green color that is named after a herb. Mint symbolizes freshness, health, nature, and vitality. It is often associated with mint leaves and tea. Mint can also represent harmony, growth, and renewal.

    • Ocean: a dark blue color that is named after a large body of water. Ocean symbolizes depth, mystery, power, and emotion. It is often associated with the sea, waves, and marine life. Ocean can also represent freedom, adventure, and inspiration.

    • Phtalo green: a deep green color that is named after a synthetic pigment. Phtalo green symbolizes richness, elegance, sophistication, and luxury. It is often associated with money, jewels, and forests. Phtalo green can also represent envy, ambition, and prestige.

    • Foam: a light green color that is named after a mass of bubbles. Foam symbolizes lightness, airiness, cleanliness, and simplicity. It is often associated with soap, clouds, and snow. Foam can also represent innocence, purity, and serenity.

    • Light turquoise: a light blue-green color that is named after a mineral. Light turquoise symbolizes tranquility, healing, protection, and communication. It is often associated with water, sky, and stones. Light turquoise can also represent balance, harmony, and friendship.

    • Silver tree: a gray-green color that is named after a plant native to South Africa. Silver tree symbolizes elegance, grace, refinement, and sophistication. It is often associated with silver, metal, and jewelry. Silver tree can also represent neutrality, class, and maturity.

    On this page you find a wide range of Aqua swatches, from light to dark, warm to cool, and everything in between. Explore the variety of Aqua shades and find your perfect candidates.