Shades of Pink Color

Shades of Bright Pink Color


Deep Pink

Neon Pink

ArtyClick Magenta

Brilliant Rose

Bright Neon Pink

Deep Cerise

ArtyClick Crimson

Pinkish Purple

Shocking Pink

Wild Strawberry

Razzle Dazzle Rose

Royal Fuchsia

Neon Purple

Hollywood Cerise

Purple Pink

ArtyClick Warm Magenta

Bright Magenta


Medium Red Violet

ArtyClick Cool Magenta

Dimorphotheca Magenta

Hot Magenta

Persian Rose

Dark Carnation Pink

Red Violet

Vibrant Purple

Vivid Cerise

Hot Purple


Shades of Dark Pink Color


Fresh Eggplant

Violet Red

Barney Purple

Royal Heath


Rich Purple

Pansy Purple



Warm Purple

Dark Violet

Ripe Plum

Royal Purple

Rose Bud Cherry

Dark Magenta

Violet Eggplant

Jazzberry Jam



Grape Purple

Plum Velvet

Dark Raspberry

Dark Fuchsia

Dark Purple

Deep Purple

Deep Violet

Mulberry Wood

Red Purple

Purple Jam

Shades of Pink Color

Bright Ube

Lavender Rose

Light Lilac

Pale Mauve

Pink Lace


Pastel Violet

Light Fuchsia Pink

Blush Pink

Electric Lavender

Very Light Purple

Carousel Pink

Candy Pink


Light Wisteria

Pink Pearl

Blossom Pink

Classic Rose

Neon Fuchsia

Violet Pink

Persian Pink

Fuchsia Pink



Hot Pink


Purple Dragon

Lavender Pink

Ultra Pink

Light Orchid

Shades of Dark Pastel Pink Color

Purple Flower

Rich Lilac

Bright Lilac


Opera Mauve

Heliotrope Purple

Antique Fuchsia

Medium Orchid

Soft Purple

Tyrian Purple

Pale Magenta

Sky Magenta

Twilight Lavender

Dusky Purple

Trendy Pink

Deep Fuchsia

Raspberry Pink



Light Eggplant

Muted Purple

Light Plum

Dark Lilac

Purplish Pink



Dirty Purple

Viola Purple

Dusty Purple

Faded Purple


Pink Color

Magenta is a color of vibrant warmth, similar to red. It inspires feelings of kindness, generosity, understanding, and love. However, it has a more rational feeling than the color pink and is less aggressive than red. This allows it to create a bridge between the two colors, showcasing their strengths with fewer downsides.

Although magenta and pink are sometimes used interchangeably, the two colors differ significantly in their compositions. Pink is a soft light red color (red diluted with white), which does not exist in full-brightness (pink in its full-brightness is red). Magenta, on the other hand, is a combination of the red and purple colors and it is a full-brightness color.

Interestingly, magenta is the only basic color that is not part of the visible light spectrum.

Light and soft magenta colors represent love, youth, good health, and sensitivity.
Strong and dark magenta colors are linked to mystery.